Procedure of the virtual First Saturday

  • All information like URLs, start time, etc. can be taken from the pinned messages in our Telegram chat.
  • Staying in the event chat is only possible during the event.
    Afterward, you will have the possibility to switch to our “Bar” chat in Telegram, which will always be updated with the latest info about the upcoming events. The “Bar” chat is open to the public and is to be held in English. Important: The event chat will be emptied 14 days after the event.
  • Participation in the First-Saturday Event: Always pay attention to what the team needs because requirements for the event can be changed by Fevgames/Niantic.
  • To plan the event, we are creating a survey in which we would like to determine the number of participants. Please participate in this survey.
  • If you joined the event chat, your registration was already done. However, please pay attention to all attached messages in the Telegram-Chat. If you joined from another Chat etc., please register.
Status: Event planned, waiting for players.
4 /10 Participants registered ✔ 40%

Buttons will be activated as soon as the Event goes online on fevgames.
The check-in and check-out link will be announced approximately 10 minutes before the start.

Leader Team

FS Leader ENL

FS Leader RES

Fs Co. Leader Enl

Chat Moderators
@Gryphkat (Enl)

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The R.U.N.E. First Saturday Team is looking forward to your participation.

Note: R.U.N.E is not affiliated with Fevgames or Niantic. It is a fan site.