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We organize First Saturday Events for the Game Ingress. Countdown to the next Event:

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First Saturdays served so far

IngressFS – Ismaning, Germany, November 2022 – Report

Our event, which took place for the first time in Ismaning, was attended by 16 agents (8 ENL and 8RES). Recharge-King was WhiteyWhite who recharged strong 1,932,606 XM. Most AP achieved by DeusLoVolt with 72,088. The puzzle was cracked pretty quickly. Our passcode was ZZG78TOGETHER424EL We look forward to numerous participants on our 25.IFS.

IngressFS – Ismaning, Germany, November 2022

Our 24th event in November will take place in Ismaning. The location was suggested by Erazerfreak.

At this point, we also welcome Erazerfreak as part of our support team.

As always, only any portals need to be recharged. Please also take part in solving the puzzle, which starts one hour before the event. We look forward to your participation. Also feel free to check out our New Dimension Federation Challenges.

IngressFS – Unterföhring, Germany – October 2022 – Report

In September, 21 Agents took part in Unterföhring. 14 ENL and 7 RES

The XM champion this time was WhiteyWhite with 2,175,192 recharged XM.

Erazerfreak managed to finally solve the passcode keyword. It took a little longer because more Glyphs could have been correct. But everything worked out in the end. The code was: EBD12KEY424VR. If you need cubes, you can also redeem the Code 3FGHBUW39S9LXTMVP9H6XL6HGDO. It contains, among other things, 25 Hypercubes.

The next event will probably take place in Ismaning. We are looking forward to your participation.

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