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IngressFS – Augsburg, Germany – March 2023 – Report

At our 28th event, two records were broken!

#1 With 46 agents, we got the highest number of participants ever! That was really fantastic. 😀

#2 We also got the First level-up during our event. Congratulations, Diesel73 to LVL 15.

ArnimZola has become the Recharge King of March with an overwhelming 6,772,098 XM recharged XM!
PatrickVR6 generated the most AP with 281,736

Because of the large number of engaged participants, the passcode was also solved relatively quickly. It is as follows:

IngressFS – Unterfoehring, Deutschland, Februar 2023 – Report

In Unterföhring, 23 agents took part. 14 ENL and 9 RES players. DeusLoVolt achieved the most XM Recharging with 1,610,468 XM.

The passcode solution was not so easy to solve this time, because the Insektenhotel in Unterföhring with the same name and almost identical portal picture exists twice. The keyword could also have several meanings. In addition, we got help from the Global IFS Community: Matthew S. and Nelkata supported us well here. We thank you very much for this.

Finally, we succeeded in solving the passcode. It was: NGZ43SHAPERS335AR

IngressFS – Unterfoehring, Germany, February 2023

Our 27th event in October will take place again in Unterföhring. Unterföhring is one of the most important media locations in Germany and therefore very well suited for online X-Faction events.

As always, only any portals need to be recharged. Please take part in solving the puzzle, which starts one hour before the event. We look forward to your participation.

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