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vIFS Unterföhring May 2024

May the 4th

Event in May 2024

Unterföhring vIFS

In a galaxy far, far away, the Force awakens once more! Get ready for the virtual First Saturday in Unterföhring? Let the event around the portals and XM commence, for an invaluable treasure awaits the bravest champion. May the Force of May the fourth be with you! *A Very Rare Loadout Kit and possibly more swag from the CBIA project will be raffled off, which also created the cover image.

vIFS Augsburg April 2024 – Report

At the First Saturday event in Augsburg, intergalactix managed to secure a spot on the winner’s podium with 2,301,086 XM charged. The highest XM generated on the ENL side was by kipiz with 1,992,759 XM. Once again, several prizes were up for grabs. The grand prize went to lordxxl, who received a Very Rare Loadout Kit code containing some of the best in-game items. Anyone who wins this should make sure they have enough space in their inventory 😉 The top winner, lordxxl, got an exclusive Very Rare Loadout Kit code containing some of the most coveted in-game items. Thanks to the generous support from cbia.swag4europe.com, we were also able to raffle some awesome physical prizes. The lucky winners are:
  • kipiz won a cbia Wooden Pin for the Beyond Story of the cbia project
  • ArnimZola got a cbia Patch for the Beyond Story of the cbia project
  • kiran77 received a Custom Logo Design from @cbiaCMDR
The CBIA project, developed by Darkyn McLean (cbiaCMDR), is based on captivating books inspired by the world of Ingress. What’s particularly unique is the opportunity for readers to actively participate in and influence the storyline. This is done through their Telegram Channel. The more readers take part, the more items could be raffled off in the future. 🙂 Even though virtual events no longer award in-game medals, participating in our vIFS is still worthwhile! We remain committed to keeping the fun of vIFS alive.

vIFS – Unterföhring, Marc 2024 – Report

During our 40th consecutive vIFS and thus over 3 years of uninterrupted IFS, 14 agents participated in February. There were 5 RES players and 9 ENL players.

The agent who earned the most AP was ArnimZoIa with 717,452, and the one who gathered the most XM was intergalactix with 3,123,871.

For the anniversary, we also conducted a raffle. Sudden83 won a logo design by cbiacmdr, and the grand prize went to Holkhambeach – a Very Rare Loadout Kit – Congratulations to both winners. The passcode was also eventually solved.

The solved codes remain in the Puzzle Sheet. If any participant needs them, simply open the sheet through the chat.

Results can be found here.
Check out the Facebook post with the collage here.