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Vorbereitung auf das nächste IFS Event läuft...
First Saturdays served so far

IngressFS – Augsburg, Germany – July 2022

In July, we’ll be heading to Augsburg again. This is where the interest in our events is the strongest. This is a RUNE anniversary: the 20th IFS that we are running. As always, only any portals need to be charged. This is a virtual event, you can participate remotely. Please also help in solving the puzzle. Your RUNE team is looking forward to your active participation.

IngressFS – Unterföhring, Germany – June 2022 – Report

This time, 15 Agents participated in Unterföhring. 8 ENL and 7 RES.
The XM Recharge Champion this time became sahiner with 3.637.109 XM.
The most AP,  like in the previous event, generated 8ZenoSama8 with 183.628 AP. The puzzle was cracked quite fast thanks to the great work of the Puzzle Team. The Passcode was: OVA12MYSTERY073SS

IngressFS – Augsburg, Germany – May 2022 – Report

In Augsburg again 24 agents took part. XM Recharge-King is Hjalgar1980 [ENL] with strong 1,341,501 XM. Most AP was generated by 8ZenoSama8 [RES] with 742,253.
Our puzzle’s keyword was about Greek gods 😉. The difficulty was higher than usual this time. We had to find 108 portals that were mostly not easily identifiable. However, our participants managed to crack the code! In particular, we would like to thank Narziulein [RES] who was able to complete the code in the final moves. Erazerfreak [ENL] also worked hard to find the portals. The passcode was: ZPN78OSIRIS680SZ

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