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Vorbereitung auf das nächste IFS Event läuft...

VFS – January 2022 Unterföhring, GER – Report

First of all, we wish all participants a happy new year and tonz of AP 🙂
On the first First Saturday this year, 26 participants took part virtually in Unterföhring. The double win for the AP and the XM go to sahiner. The passcode was solved by erazorfreak and CoolRunner82. Our thanks also go to Mastomies from the Global IFS Community who solved the glyph. The passcode was: EKL51SHIELD044EM

IngressFS – Unterföhring, Germany – January 2022

The virtual First Saturday on New Year’s Day will take place in Unterföhring, Germany. The location has been suggested by @Erazerfreak.

Also this time only any portals must be charged. Your RUNE team is looking forward to a lively participation, also when solving the passcode.

VFS – Dezember 2021 Blacksburg – Report

In the last First Saturday of this year 18 participants took part virtually in Blacksburg.
Congratulations to DeusLoVolt for his LevelUp and also the most generated AP (232,831). The most charged XM managed Moallim86 with strong 1,569,198. The passcode was solved almost alone by CoolRunner82 in about 8 hours. The Code is: MBU97ITOEN430DV
This time the Ingress partitions ITO EN and SoftBank were also highlighted and can therefore be found in the passcode and on the collage.  The next event will be held New Year in Germany.

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