We organize various events for the game Ingress. Participation is possible through our Telegram channels.


You can participate in virtual First Saturday Events – and with luck, win swag or very rare Loadout Codes


The NEW DIMENSION FEDERATION allows you to participate in RUNE’s own tournaments and beat the high score.

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First Saturdays served so far

vIFS Augsburg June 2024 – Results

At the First Saturday in Augsburg, 15 Agents participated: 6 ENL and 9 RES.BlackKnighton generated an impressive 2,166,298 XM, making him the XM Charging Champion. At the same time, he had the luck to win the Very Rare Loadout Code Raffle.Due to the low participation in the puzzle, it was easy for intergalactix to win the Swag provided by the CBIA project, which consisted of CBIA badges.We received great feedback from you again, stating that you really enjoy the events. This makes us very happy, and we will continue with these events.

RUNE and NDF merge

Hello everyone,

For a long time, we have focused solely on the topic of virtual First Saturdays. Now it’s time to take new paths to offer you more. We want to expand Rune and the NDF and have therefore decided to merge these two areas. The original story of Rune will, of course, remain intact.

If you’re up for some fun and games, you’ll soon be able to experience something new! 🙂

What can you expect?
There will be tasks designed to spark your competitive spirit. Once a task is completed, you will receive either a gold, silver, or bronze medal in our system. You can then view the leaderboard on the website. You can tackle the tasks either individually or as a team. Be sure to pay attention to the specific requirements for each task.

We need about 10 more days to provide you with more detailed information.

Until then, Yours Whysofar

vIFS Unterföhring Mai 2024 – Report

On the First Saturday in May, 13 agents participated. 7x RES players, and 6x ENL Agents.

The most XM was achieved by HolkhamBeach with 1,384,074 XM, placing them on the winner’s podium.

We conducted a raffle where a Very Rare Load out Kit went to WhityWhite . The CIBA Project also raffled various other swag.

We will continue to conduct raffles at our future IFS events. So it’s worth participating, even though online IFS events no longer give out medals. You can still win big with a bit of luck!

Here you can access the results
Here is the Facebook post of the collage