About the R.U.N.E. Community

July 2018
Founding of Rune

October 2018
Whysofar joined as Second Leader of the Order of Scattered Wolves

November 2018
Pre-handover of leadership to Whysofar by the founder

December 2018
Development of a separate history of the wolves

January – December 2019
Realignment of Rune

March 2020
The R.U.N.E. Administration was finally transferred to Whysofar

September 2020
CoolRunner82 joined RUNE as RES Team leader

January 2021
Construction of the R.U.N.E Website started

May 2022
Establishment of own league NDF with bot-supported challenges

July 2022
Successful completion of 20 First Saturdays in a row. Anniversary raffle held.

Our Channels & Chats

 Rune Cooperation Prime Chat

 Book of RUNE – Part of Wolves

 English Channel

 German Channel ***

*** Book of Rune – Part of the Wolves German Version only from chapter 9

R.U.N.E. is an abbreviation and stands for Rise united never End. It was named by the Rune founder, Blackpriest.

X-Faction: i.e. Cross-Faction means that players from any faction, Resistance or Enlightened are welcome at RUNE.

First Saturday: Takes place, as the name suggests, every first Saturday of the month. Since we are just in the middle of the Corona pandemic, it was decided (by fevgames) to let these events currently take place only virtually. RUNE creates the event via fevgames, players currently only need to charge any portals. If the team has fulfilled all the requirements of the First Saturday, the players get a point for their First Saturday Medal in Ingress.


The book of R.U.N.E. (English) is based on stories written by ENL – players.

You have already met our AI. It plays a considerable role in the history of R.U.N.E.. In the meantime it is also part of the Telegram system (as Bot etc..). No one knows how the AI will develop in the future.

The Founder
The fallen agent, the founder of R.U.N.E: A heart and soul for what he represents. As the founder of R.U.N.E. with a vision to show more than is in oneself.

Whysofar Biocard Front

He was in the initial phase of R.U.N.E. originally co-leader in the "Order of Scattered Wolves". However, it came to light that leadership qualities are one of his strengths and thus represented an indispensable asset for R.U.N.E.. In the further course he took over the leadership of R.U.N.E.

Introduction of the Orders
The Orders were created to find and promote talents, but also to enable and ease the cooperation of different sides. To structure the function of the orders they were divided into First & Second Order.

First Order

First Order

This order includes the sub-orders: Scattered Wolves, Silence, and Rose.
As of 08/29/2019, these three orders are led by @NekidMojo. Below we present the 3 orders of the First Order:

Order of the Wolfes

The Order of Scattered Wolves

There are quite a few loners, but they are always neutral and above all loyal, if they believe in a cause. In this order, everyone is welcome who is looking for a connection, but does not want to make a commitment, but quite loyal in his do as a wolf member. Wolves have a special status in R.u.n.e. and serve as advisors to all orders, with the exception of the Order of the Rose, by official order of Whysofar..

Order of Silence

The Order of Silence

This order stands for Inner Silence. However, new ideas are also quickly developed. Background: This order was under the leadership of Blackpriest. Due to an imbalance caused by the chaos in the early days, it was not possible to communicate clearly. As a consequence, members dispersed to other orders. What should prove at this time one as the best solutions. It came to an upheaval in the guidance of R.U.N.E. and Whysofar did not want to give up the order. Thus he decided to assign a temporary team with the reconstruction and the restructuring of the order.

Order of the Rose

The Order of the Rose

Those who say that everything is always as it seems do not live in reality. What happens in this order remains in this order. The task of the order is to protect R.U.N.E. from harm. Joining is only possible by invitation or election.

- Second Order -

Second Order

Second Order

This order includes the sub-orders: Wisdom, Balance, Daggers. As of 08/29/2019, these orders are led by @SayoSenpai.
We present the 3 sub-orders of the Second Order below:

Order of Wisdom

The Order of Wisdom

This Order is not just a think tank. The Members use ther skills and Experience to quickly find solutions ans support others.

Order of Balance

The Order of Balance

This order stands for harmony and balance and was the first X-Fac order. Here you can find members who are always trying to achieve everything in the sense of equality.

Order of Daggers

The Order of the Daggers

The members of this order primarily use networks to obtain information and complete orders silent and quick.

Two more little things...

There is also the tavern area: A gathering where everyone is welcome and has no obligations. Just like in the old days, when people sat together at the same table and had a lively chat. The last thing is for your understanding: There is a round table where all order leaders sit and talk. Problems and concerns of individual players are also discussed and solutions are developed. However, there is a special set of rules for these players that they have to follow: The “Leader Guidelines”. This also serves to protect R.U.N.E. and all members. Have we aroused your interest? Then join us! Show that Ingress is more than just capturing, fielding, and grabbing medals!