New Dimension Federation

The New Dimension Federation (NDF) is a R.U.N.E. own Tournament for Ingress.

First of all
We are not affiliated with Niantic or any other company or event operator. We are just players of Ingress trying in our own way to run tournaments within the current Ingress TOS.

We host various challenges based on Ingress here. All tasks are met in the context of the game.

Use this link to join the Telegram group.

In this group you will get another link to join our AgentStats group (this is required for collecting the ingress stats). Now you can participate in all upcoming challenges.

Procedure of the challenges
We will announce the tasks up to 2 days before the start with our challenge cards in our Telegram group. So you get enough time to prepare for it.

The cards contain the start and end date of the challenge, an exact description of the task and the values required to receive a medal (gold/silver/bronze) for it.

The challenges always begin at Midnight on the specified start date and always end at 23:59 on the specified end date. It doesn't matter which time zone you are in, the times always apply to your own time zone in which you are currently located.

Upload Ingress statistics to AgentStats
Between the start time of the challenge and the end time of the challenge, the ingress stats can be uploaded to AgentStats as often as you like.

Important: The first upload in this period is used as a starting value, so it must be uploaded before you start playing for the challenge.

Get the results
After all players have completed their challenge period, our system will process the stats uploaded to AgentStats, determine medals won and generate result cards for all players who earned a medal.

The challenge, the player's name, the medal achieved and the player's total medal count (= the sum of all medals collected by the respective player in all previous challenges) are printed on this result card.

Notice about inactive players
Players who have not participated in a challenge for more than 4 months will first be removed from the AgentStats group and notified. If there is no response, you will also be removed from the Telegram group. However, you can join again via a link at any time.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Have fun!

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