During our 40th consecutive vIFS and thus over 3 years of uninterrupted IFS, 14 agents participated in February. There were 5 RES players and 9 ENL players.

The agent who earned the most AP was ArnimZoIa with 717,452, and the one who gathered the most XM was intergalactix with 3,123,871.

For the anniversary, we also conducted a raffle. Sudden83 won a logo design by cbiacmdr, and the grand prize went to Holkhambeach – a Very Rare Loadout Kit – Congratulations to both winners. The passcode was also eventually solved.

The solved codes remain in the Puzzle Sheet. If any participant needs them, simply open the sheet through the chat.

Results can be found here.
Check out the Facebook post with the collage here.