This time, we achieved a remarkable milestone with 84 Agents participating, comprising 28 ENL and 56 RES.
  • The highest XM was earned by TheMaschine, a whopping 6,311,151 XM.
  • kipiz secured the highest AP with an impressive 2,311,894 AP.
The increased participation was largely due to the Hamburger Team’s endorsement of our IFS, as they faced time constraints for their own event. Special thanks to Luke for the recommendation. Additionally, the CBIA project not only sent their participants but also sponsored a section of our raffle. The lucky winner of the CBIA-Swag is: krawutzikaputzi. RUNE then also conducted a raffle, in which L0rdH3lmch3n won a personalized Agent Card from the AnomalyShop (Etsy). Congratulations to the winners. After some time, and with the help of our participants, the passcode was also cracked. It was: EYM82OSIRIS439PF. Thanks to everyone who participated.