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We organize First Saturday Events for the Game Ingress. Countdown to the next Event:

Vorbereitung auf das nächste IFS Event läuft...

Virtual First Saturday May 21 – Report

We thank all 19 participants of the virtual First Saturdays in May 2021.

The passcode puzzle was cracked this time in absolute record time almost alone by whysofar (thanks to home advantage). This time the passcode had something to do with a balanced breakfast 😉
It is: TPY91TOAST717NK
The most XM were charged by WhoIsTheManiac [Enl]. Most AP by DeusLoVolt [Res].
Currently, the selection of the next event location is in progress. The next event will be announced soon. We are looking forward to lively participation.

Virtual First Saturday April 21 – Report

We would like to thank all 20 participants of the First Saturday Roanoke. This time we got the Puzzle later than usual (3 hours before the event). 
The portal images were rotated and overlapped this time, further increasing the difficulty. The puzzle team worked hard – and managed to figure out the passcode – Consisting of 120 portals – after only 7 hours.
The passcode was: QNV01ICECREAM700OS
Most of the portals were identified by jubaium.
DeusLoVollt made it to the winner’s podium in recharge as well as APs.

Event-Rating (5.0):

Virtual First Saturday Event April 2021

The next First Saturday in April 2021 will be held in Roanoke, Virginia USA. The location was suggested by @GryphKat.

Only any portals need to be recharged. If you like, you can also help solve the passcode puzzle.
The link to the autoscore sheet will be announced in the chat 5-10 minutes before the event.

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