Hello friends,

Yes, for a long time, it has been all about the (virtual) First Saturday for us. It took me quite some time, but I now plan to take a new direction.

It’s time to make more out of Rune and the Ndf. Therefore, these two areas will merge. The old story of Rune will, of course, be preserved. The new feature will be that if you like more fun and games, you can experience something awesome and new.

What’s next?
There will be tasks that are meant to remind you of your player ambition. If the task is completed, you will earn either a gold, silver, or bronze medal in our system. This time, you can complete the tasks individually or as a team. So, make sure to pay attention to the requirements when you receive tasks.

But I need about 10 more days before we can describe everything to you in more detail.

Looking forward to it,

Yours, Whysofar