Our 20th First Saturday in Augsburg was attended by 15 ENL and 6 RES agents.The most XM recharged from the RES team did WhityWhite with 1,948,678. The Overall XM recharge king is sahiner from the ENL team with 4,257,460 XM.The puzzle was cracked in only about 3 hours thanks to our great team. The passcode was: BKA30OSIRIS453HYThe raffle of 5, partly personalized, swag-items, which was announced via chat, was also very popular. 11 agents participated. The winners are:
  • 1st [ENL] sahiner
  • 2nd [ENL] Chamyra
  • 3rd [ENL] ArnimZoIa
  • 4th [ENL] Erazerfreak
  • 5th [RES] WhiteyWhite
We had buttons and keychains for our raffle. The main winner, sahiner, will also receive an AgentCard from AnomalyShop. If the winners don’t react, some prizes will be raffled again at the next event. But we don’t think this will happen. The pictures of the prizes can’t be put online yet, because the items have to be produced first (could take up to a month). We hope you enjoyed this event as much as we did, and we would be happy if you participate again next time.

Update 31.07.2022 Pictures of the Swag Items added