We thank all 18 participants in November 2021 in Neufahrn, Germany.
Fevgames made it really not easy for us this time with the puzzle since it was moved to Munich with a very high portal density. After almost 8 hours, the puzzle could finally be cracked by whysofar and CoolRunner82.

At this point, we would also like to point out that everyone can participate in solving the puzzle so that we quicker be done with it. Of course, the interested participants will receive support.

The November passcode was: XXH40SHIELD177RB.

Place 1 for XM-recharge goes to Moallim86 (Res) with strong 1,187,772 XM.
In the AP wins DeusLoVolt with 151,196 AP. Congratulations also go to Lapua338XLT for the level-up during the event. The overall feedback from the RUNE community was very positive so we will continue to provide you with events. Also the planned Knights League will start soon – but under a different name.