Ingress Underworld

DARKYN MCLEAN’s new book is in the works. You can find all info about the book and much more at

The new book is written in German and English and is divided into several sections (seasons). Although it is a completely new story, it is closely linked to the first two books. It can be read independently from “The Book of R.U.N.E.”, but to understand all the connections it is recommended to know all the books. The link to download both predecessors is included in this book.

content note:
Former FBI agent Dorian McAllister is recruited by the CBIA organization in the early 1940s to investigate so-called exotic matter. When the headquarters is attacked and he becomes involved with “XM”, events overturn and a very long journey begins.

The author publishes LIVE, while writing under his pseudonym “Darkyn McLean”, thus the story can be followed in real time.  There is also a Telegram-Channel where it can be discussed.